A local tavern was found to have six repeat health code violations during a recent health inspection resulting in an unsatisfactory score.

A health inspector visited Central City Tavern at 5019 West Broad Street in Sugar Hill on Friday, September 15. Numerous violations caused the establishment to receive a failing health inspection score of 47 U.

During the routine inspection, the restaurant was found to be in repeat violation of six health codes. Those violations included:

  • Raw food was stored over ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler.
  • Time/temperature controlled foods stored at temperatures above 41F.
  • Prep cooler holding temperatures above 41F.
  • Observed roaches in the facility including a basement-level dry storage unit and in multiple traps in the kitchen.
  • No paper towels at handwashing sinks.
  • Person in charge is not demonstrating active managerial control.

Additional violations observed by the inspector included:

  • Black mold-like substance was observed inside of the top part of the ice machine. 
  • Food items were stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.
  • Two employees were observed not wearing a hair net or other approved hair restraints.
  • Employees were wearing a bracelet and a watch while preparing food.
  • Whole and cut avocados still had stickers on them and those must be removed.
  • Utensils being used in food service were placed in standing water with a temperature of less than 135F.
  • Multiple walls inside the kitchen had food stains, grease buildup and mold accumulation.
  • Employees’ personal items were stored in food prep and storage areas.
  • Multiple traps were observed with roaches accumulated on them around the kitchen area.
  • Facility serves undercooked hamburgers as an option but the menu does not have an asterisk beside the burgers on the menu and a consumer advisory is not on the same page as the menu items.
  • Quat sanitizer buckets inside the kitchen area were observed with an unreadable amount of sanitizer.
  • Items in the hand sink that were not allowed to be there.
  • Employee drinks were stored in an unapproved area.

Central City Tavern had failed a previous routine health inspection on April 5, 2023, with a score of 58 U. It passed the follow-up inspection on April 15, 2023, with a score of 100 A.

The restaurant will be visited by a health inspector within 10 days of the date of this inspection for a follow-up inspection to see if the facility has addressed the codes that were found to be in violation.

To view the September 15, 2023, inspection report, click here.

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