The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code which focuses on standards for residential rental properties. The code took effect on July 31 and Gwinnett Code Enforcement is now enforcing the interior standards of the code.

“These new requirements were adopted by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to help maintain a safe, livable, and healthy community,” Gwinnett County said in a released statement.

The new codes help protect tenants across the county and tenants can now request an inspection of the property. Tenants can report their concerns and request an inspection through or by emailing

Once an inspection request is submitted, an inspection appointment will be scheduled. When the property is being inspected, any code violations will be documented on a notice of violation. A Gwinnett County Code Enforcement Officer will address any code violations found with the property owner or property manager with the goal of fixing the issues.

To view the Gwinnett County Property Maintenance Ordinance Amendment, click here. The International Property Maintenance Code can be found here.

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