On Saturday, Mar. 16, streets in downtown Buford will be closed off in the morning as the Greater Buford Athletic Association’s Opening Day Parade will take place to celebrate the start of the youth baseball and softball Spring season.

The parade will be staged in the parking lot of the Buford Church of God at 4800 South Lee Street. The parade is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. with the parade leaving the church parking lot and turning left onto South Lee Street. It will then turn right onto West Main Street where it will travel approximately 1.38 miles before turning right onto Sawnee Avenue. Once on Sawnee Avenue, the parade will travel approximately 1,200 feet then turn left into the Legion Fields parking lot.

City workers will begin a soft shutdown of the parade route at 7:30 a.m. with the complete closure of the parade route at 7:45 a.m. The streets will begin to reopen shortly after the parade passes each intersection. City workers will be cleaning up the parade debris immediately after the parade.

If you must travel through downtown Buford on Saturday morning, please plan accordingly.

The following is a list of intersections and railroad crossings impacted by the parade on Saturday.

South Lee Street at South Street, South Lee Street at Moreno Street, West Main Street at Elliott Street,  West Park Street at BCOG Parking Lot, Church Street at West Main Street,  Little Mill Road Crossing, South Alexander Street at West Main Street, Silas King Street Crossing,  Scott Street at West Main Street, Garnett Street at East Main Street, South Harris Street at East Main Street, South Hill Street at East Main Street, Wilson Street at East Main Street,  Greenard Watson Lane at East Main Street,  Shadburn Ferry Road Crossing/Wiley Drive, Bona Road at East Main Street, Shadburn Street at East Main Street, Roberts Street at East Main Street, South Waterworks Crossing and Sawnee Ave at Sagefield

The public is encouraged to watch the parade and support the kids as they begin their baseball and softball seasons. The public will not be allowed to park at Buford Church of God. The city’s parking deck, as well as the parking lot in between Scott and Garnett Streets, are good parking options.

A map of the parade route for the 2024 Buford Little League Parade.
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