Scammers are at it again and this time, they are targeting Gwinnett County residents over jury duty says Gwinnett County Clerk of Court.

On Gwinnett County Clerk of Court’s social media, they warn county residents of the latest scam going around. Residents are receiving phone calls telling them that they missed jury duty. The scammers are threatening people with jail time. 

“In some instances, citizens were told to call a number and pay a fine to avoid arrest,” said Gwinnett County Clerk of Court.

The scammers are targeting people all over the county, and one Suwanee resident took to the Nextdoor app to inform others about them calling her husband.

According to the post, her husband received a phone call claiming to be with the Suwanee Police Department, and he was told that he had missed jury duty. The scammer gave the husband an officer’s name and badge number quickly. The husband was told, in a threatening tone, that because he missed jury duty, he had a warrant out for his arrest.

The husband informed the scammer that he was elderly and exempt from jury duty. The scammer still tried to insinuate that he could be issued a warrant but the husband was not fooled. 

Gwinnett County Clerk of Court said to beware of these types of scams and that no one with the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit, the Clerk of Superior Court or the Sheriff’s Office will contact residents regarding jury duty in this manner.

If you believe you received a scam call, text, or email, please report it to the Jury Scam Tip line at 770-619-6655. If you want to verify your status as a Gwinnett County juror, you may call 770-822-8567.

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