A local sushi restaurant failed its recent health inspection after the inspector found multiple violations resulting in a score of 57 U.

On July 13, a health inspector conducted a routine health inspection at Nori Sushi at 3333 Buford Drive #K106 in Buford which the restaurant failed.

The major violations that the health inspector found Nori Sushi to be in violation of were:

  • An employee wearing single-use gloves handled dirty dishes and then touched ready-to-eat sushi rice without changing gloves or washing their hands. 
  • Cooked beef was held past seven days for use in the facility.
  • Employees were observed washing dishes with no sanitizer step.
  • Employees used the handwashing sink to rinse a knife and sanitizer rags.
  • Many TCS foods were found to have temperatures above 41F.
  • Failed to date mark cooked foods and ready-to-eat fish portioned in the facility.
  • Spices and sauces did not have identifying labels on them.
  • A single use bowl without handles was used to scoop tea.
  • The restaurant stored food in an unapproved storage space in a hallway behind the food court.
  • They reused a sushi ginger bowl to store pickled cut carrots.
  • Employees stored personal items over ready-to-eat food on the counter.

Nori Sushi must undergo a follow-up inspection on or before July 23, 2023.

Click here to view the full inspection report from the July 13 inspection for Nori Sushi.

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